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If you see our blue signs in your neighborhood, pay attention. Madison Water Utility’s water main flushing program starts today. From April through October, our crews move across Madison cleaning the city’s pipes.

During flushing, crews systematically open and close valves and hydrants to move water at high speed through our pipes. This clears out naturally-occurring mineral sediment that can build up in the water system. Clean pipes mean clear water that tastes great and has no odors.

Keeping pipes clean is essential for a safe water supply. However, water main flushing can temporarily cause discolored (yellow, brown, or reddish) water and low pressure for nearby homes and businesses.

If you have discolored water, go to a faucet in the lowest level of your home or business, like a basement utility sink or first-floor bathtub. Then, run the cold water at full force for a few minutes until the water clears. We also suggest waiting until evening to do laundry or run your dishwasher if we’re flushing in your neighborhood—and make sure your water is clear first.

Want to know when flushing crews will be in your area? Visit our Water Main Flushing webpage for a map, this week's schedule, and to sign up for our flushing email list. You can also call our flushing hotline at (608) 261-9178 to hear a recording of where crews will be this week.


  • Media Inquiries: Amy Deming, Interim Public Information Officer, (608) 261-9272,
  • Flushing Information Hotline (recording), (608) 261-9178

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