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If a tree has been planted on the terrace in front of your home by Urban Forestry within the last five years, or if you had a tree planted on your private property in that same window of time, residents are reminded to water the tree as needed to increase its chance of survival.

Young trees need watering regular watering during dry weather.

Right now, Madison remains below our normal precipitation, so these young trees need our help.

How to Water a Tree
Trees may require 10 gallons of water a week, but be careful not to over water. And you should take recent rainfall into account.

To learn if the young tree needs watering, check the soil. It should be moist, like a wrung out sponge.

When watering the tree, make sure the water flow is slow enough so the ground absorbs the water and does not run off. And be sure to water all around the tree so the entire rootball can be hydrated.

Water Conservation Tips from Madison Water Utility
Young trees need our help to survive our dry conditions. You also need to be sure we are using our water resources with these dry conditions in mind.

Follow Madison Water Utility’s guidance for wise use of your water resources and following appropriate water conservation techniques.

As a reminder, Madison Water Utility asks customers voluntarily limit outdoor water use on established lawns by following these guidelines. This will help save some water resources that could be used instead on your young trees:

  • Apply only one inch of water per week on your established lawns, in one watering;
  • Avoid watering your established lawn during the mid-day heat;
  • Raise your lawnmower height;
  • Use a sprinkling can or hand-held hose to target smaller areas on your established lawn; and
  • Consider a timed sprinkler with automatic shutoff.

Additional Information
More tips on wise outdoor water use from the Madison Water Utility can be found at

More information about urban forestry services can be found at