Your monthly Madison Municipal Services Bill

Residential rates (for single-family homes) are listed below.  Water rates are set by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. Sewer, stormwater, landfill and urban forestry fees are approved by the Madison Common Council.

Not a residential customer? View water rates for all customer classes and other charges, fees, and operating rules for Madison Water Utility.

Water Rates - Billed for Madison Water Utility

Water Base Charge: $13.80

Water Usage Charge (per 1,000 gallons):

  • First 3,000 gallons: $3.73
  • Next 3,000 gallons: 4.93
  • Next 3,000 gallons: 5.98
  • Next 5,000 gallons: 8.52
  • Over 14,000 gallons: 10.32

Average monthly residential water charge: $29.92

Current water rates went into effect on 7/2/2020.

Sewer Rates - Billed for City of Madison Engineering

Sewer Residential Base Charge: $15.01
Sewer Residential Usage Charge (per 1,000 gallons): $4.626

New sewer rates went into effect on 5/1/2022. The Sewer Rate Schedule includes updated rates for all customer classes, including restaurants.

Questions about sewer charges? Call City of Madison Engineering at (608) 266-4751.

Stormwater Rates - Billed for City of Madison Engineering

Stormwater base charge: $2.05

Pervious: $0.25 (per 1,000 square feet)

Impervious: $3.36 (per 1,000 square feet)

New stormwater rates went into effect on 4/1/2022. Questions about stormwater charges? Call City of Madison Engineering at (608) 266-4751.

Urban Forestry Special Charge - Billed for City of Madison Streets Division 

Residential Urban Forestry Charge: $6.14

Click here to view Urban Forestry charges for all customer classes

Current Urban Forestry charge went into effect on 1/1/2022. Questions about this charge? Call the Streets Division at (608) 243-5899 (voicemail only).

Landfill Charge - Billed for City of Madison Engineering

Landfill Charge: $0.50

New landfill rates went into effect on 4/1/2021.  See current landfill rates and history for all customers.

Questions about the landfill charge? Call City of Madison Engineering at (608) 266-4751.

Resource Recovery Special Charge - Billed for City of Madison Streets Division

Residential property charge (per dwelling unit): $4.08

New special charge goes into effect on 7/1/2022. The charge will show up on bills ran after 8/1/2022. 

Questions about the special charge? Visit the Streets Division website, or send an email to

Other Charges

Madison Water Utility is implementing charges related to issuing final bills, special meter readings, and real estate closings. Find more information the Start or End Service page.

Customer Privacy

We do not disclose your billing and account information to third parties without your express consent. This includes banks and management companies.

As outlined in Act 25, any information that identifies a customer by usage or account status (i.e. past due status) is not a public record and can only be released with the customer’s permission or to the parties specifically identified within section 196.137(2)(a)-(d).

This does still allow information to be provided to the owner of a rental property whose tenant has a delinquent account.

To authorize Madison Water Utility to release account information to a third party (such as a property management company), please complete and sign a consent form: