Implementation of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system also continues. To reduce travel times across the region, BRT routes will operate every 15 minutes in dedicated lanes with less frequent stops.

Thirty-two stations will be constructed along new BRT lines. Features such as collecting fares at stations rather than on the bus as well as traffic signal priority at intersections will allow BRT buses to move through congested areas more easily and reliably.

As part of the project, Metro will purchase 60’ articulated vehicles, with a majority of them being all-electric. These vehicle types are more 1 ½ times the size of Metro’s current vehicles, allowing more people to be transported by one individual vehicle and driver.

Service will start with an east-west route, with a north-south route also being developed. Buses will run every 15 minutes on each line. Where those lines intersect, there will be a bus every 7 ½ minutes.

Additionally, a third BRT line is being developed that heads west towards Middleton. In the areas where all 3 lines overlap, a bus can be expected every 5 minutes.

Passengers won’t need to look at a schedule, because a bus will always be quickly available.

Metro’s new BRT system is expected to officially roll out in 2024.

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