Expand AccessibilityImproving Transit Equity

Network Redesign

Metro staff continue to work on the biggest service change Metro has seen in more than 20 years.

The region has grown beyond Metro’s current transfer point system, and its entire service is now being redrawn from scratch.

The goal of this complete redesign is to make the system run faster, more frequently, and make it easier to use overall especially for low-income riders and people color.

With the redesign, approximately 66% of those with low incomes will be within walking distance of 15-minute bus service compared to 32% using the current system. Nearly 41% of people of color will also have access to this 15-minute service compared to 15% using routes available now.

In addition, those with low income will be able to reach 28% more job opportunities than with the current system, and people of color will see a 120% increase in the number of jobs able to be reached.

Network redesign routes and schedules are currently being developed with plans to implement during the summer of 2023.

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bus on state stFree Summer Youth Passes

To improve access throughout the community, we’ve teamed up with the Madison Metropolitan School District to distribute a summer bus pass to ALL middle and high school students.

This special program provides free rides to 6th grade through high school students to make it easier to get around to jobs, athletic camps, friends’ homes and other fun summer destinations.

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