Metro forward - people waiting at BRT station

Efforts continue so that as a region we can handle an expected influx of thousands of new jobs and Dane County residents by the year 2050.

This expected growth will cause hundreds of thousands new roads trips, which if not addressed, will more than double travel times for everyone on the road and require adding two or more lanes to our main Isthmus roadways.

In addition, Metro remains committed to reducing its environmental impact on our community by taking big strides in converting its fleet to all-electric vehicles.

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MetroForward>> is a four-tiered approach to creating a high-quality regional transit system that has beneficial effects for all community residents.
  1. Expand Accessibility

    To provide transit equity for everyone.

  2. Implement Bus Rapid Transit

    To expand Metro service and reduce travel times.

  3. Focus on Sustainability

    To provide for cleaner air and reduce the City's carbon footprint.

  4. Modernize Metro Facilities

    To make expansion possible to serve our growing region.