William Slater Park Playground Replacement - Contract: 2019 Playgrounds - Group 1

Last Updated: 10/18/2019

Work is complete on the William Slater Park nature playscape - all elements are open for use!

William Slater Park 10-16-2019
William Slater Park 10-16-2019

Contractor Madison Commercial Landscapes completed work to install the stamped concrete path, sandbox with dino dig & sand table and benches the week of September 2nd. Work at the site by Parks Construction staff included construction of the earthen berm and peagravel area that including logs, boulders and log steppers as well as the PlayCube manufactured by Playworld and was completed the week of 10-7-2019.

Please contact Project Manager Kate Kane at (608) 261-9671 or kkane@cityofmadison.com if you would like to provide input or have other questions.

Public Works Contract Background

Parks issued the '2019 Playgrounds - Group 1' (8391) contract in late February for a 2-week period.
At the bid opening held 4/4/2019, the only bid received was determined to be "non-responsive" due to the omission of a bid bond item. As such, the contract was rebid beginning 4/11/2019 and was opened/awarded 4/25/2019. Following approval of the bid through Board of Public Works and Common Council, work began in mid-June on the contract.  Please note that there are a total of five (5) playground sites in the contract - and the project start and end dates as shown on this page reflect for the contract overall.  Work by Contractor Madison Commercial Landscapes, Inc.started at Doncaster Pak and continues at Walnut Grove Park in addition to William Slater Park.

Public Input Background

Parks begins the planning process for playground replacements in advance of the finalization of the budget in order to receive public input and develop design documents for bidding in early 2019. The first opportunity for input from the neighborhood on the design of the playground was at the Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop held on 10/18/2018; the second was at a follow-up meeting held 12/6/2018.  Materials from both sessions can be found in the links, below.

William Slater & Segoe Parks Playgrounds Meeting #2

William Slater & Segoe Parks Playgrounds Meeting #2 was held Thursday, December 6 at 6PM - Van Hise Elementary School library (246 S Segoe Rd)

At this session a brief recap of the decisions made at the Group 1 Workshop was held, followed by a discussion of the features and proposals for each of the playground sites.

For Slater Park, the biggest change will be a shift in the type of play area at the park:  natural play features will take the place of conventional play equipment.  The design shown in proposal Option 2 which includes logs, sculpted berm, sandbox and peagravel dig areas, stand-alone climbers and stamped concrete path with animal footprints received the majority votes at the meeting - Option 1 included a set of swings but would require that many of the items as shown in Option 2 would be eliminated.  As an option, the neighborhood discussed possible fundraising in support of funding an additional swing bay for the swings to be installed at Segoe Park - please see the Segoe Park page for more details.  The handchimes as shown in this proposal will be swapped for an additional animal climber (however the ant option shown was not popular!) or climbing blocks in recognition that several attendees at the session live in close proximity to the park and voiced concerns regarding noise levels with the chimes.

William Slater Park Option 1 - for reference only:

2019 Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop

2019 Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop was held Thursday, October 18 at 6PM - Sequoya Library (4340 Tokay Blvd)

At this session, the dual-replacements in 2019 of both Segoe and William Slater Parks were discussed during the break-out/table session with Parks staff.  Attendees confirmed that the Parks are used equally among regular users - although William Slater tends to trend towards younger visitors and Segoe tends to attract older kids.  Please see also the Segoe Park project page for information regarding the equipment manufacturer and surfacing selected for that location.

In light of the dual nature use of the two park playground sites, Parks proposed and attendees agreed to installing a 'nature playscape' at William Slater Park including, but not limited to, sculpted mounds (which can serve as both road/traffic barrier and small-scale sled hill in the winter!), loose material play areas (sand/gravel), cut logs, retaining and resetting the existing boulders, and installation of lower-height, static/stand alone features (climb cube and/or steppers) and, if possible, swings, at the park.  Although the City of Madison has several recent playground replacements that feature small 'nature nooks' - this site will be the first to include natural features on a larger scale!