Walnut Grove Park Playground Replacement - Contract: 2019 Playgrounds - Group 1

Last Updated: 08/22/2019

Work is complete* at Walnut Grove Park on the playground replacement - the playground is open and ready for play!

Contractor Madison Commercial Landscapes, Inc., completed the installation of the new playground equipment and interior (backless) benches, underdrain and wood mulch safety surfacing the week of 8/22/2019. 
*the spring toy equipment piece is still to be installed (it was not included with the original shipment of equipment from the manufacturer but will be installed by the end of the month)

Please check back to this site for updates including construction progress photographs when they become available.

Please contact Project Manager Kate Kane at (608) 261-9671 or kkane@cityofmadison.com if you would like to provide input on the project or have other questions.

the new playground at Walnut Grove Park
Walnut Grove Park playground on 8.22.2019

Project Planning Background

Parks begins the planning process for playground replacements in advance of the finalization of the City's budget in order to receive public input and develop design documents for bidding so that construction can stay on schedule for the following year.  The first opportunity for input from the neighborhood on the design of the playground was at the Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop held on 10/18/2018;  a second meeting was held on 12/13/2018 at Glenn Stephens Elementary School library to review proposals from the neighborhood's selected manufacturer, determine color preference(s) and discuss the project overall.  Materials from that session can be found in the links, below.

Walnut Grove Park Playground Meeting #2
was held Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 6PM - Glenn Stephens Elementary School library (120 S Rosa Road)

At this session a brief recap of the decisions made during the Group 1 Workshop was held including an update from the Next Door poll to determine a safety surfacing preference within the neighborhood (Engineered Wood Fiber - aka wood mulch received the majority of votes from that poll).  Playground equipment proposals from the neighborhood's selected manufacturer (Playworld Systems received the majority vote at the Group 1 Workshop) were also reviewed, with the preference going to Option #2 for the 2-5 age range equipment (to include the storefront panel and Lady Bug Funky Animal).  The blue and lime green colors, as shown on the proposal were also selected.

The 5-12 age range equipment majority vote went to the Option #1 equipment, with the request to modify the play structure to remove the Sky Link and Vortex items and substitute the Round About overhead bars (as seen in the Option #2 proposal) and 1-2 Spin Cups (as manufactured by Playworld).  Also of interest was in adding an additional swing bay (to allow for 2 additional belt seats) to the swing.  These modifications have been sent to the manufacturer for pricing and will be shared with meeting attendees and posted to this site as soon as they are available.

Also discussed at the meeting was the possibility of neighborhood association funds being applied to the project as a means to offset any additional costs that may be included with the requested modifications.  As a reminder, funds to support the playground replacement project need to be with the Madison Parks Foundation no later than January 31, 2019 so that modifications to construction documents can be made in time for the project bid.

UPDATE:  Revised Option 1 (5-12 age range equipment) - described as "Option 1.2" images are included, below. 

  • Please note that the addition of the 3rd bay to the swing adds $1,311.50
  • Please note that the addition of the two spin cups adds $1,305.50
  • The removal of the Sky Link and Vortex items to substitute Round About overhead bars did alter the budget and can be accommodated without additional fundraising.


2019 Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop

was held Thursday, October 18 at 6PM - Sequoya Library (4340 Tokay Blvd)

At this session the replacement of the existing equipment, surfacing and benches were discussed during the break-out/table session with Parks staff.  Attendees learned that the playground at Walnut Grove Park will be upgraded to a 'Community' level playground within the system - as such it is eligible for both 2-5 and 5-12 age range equipment, as well as a three-bay swing.

Attendees at the session were divided between wood mulch and rubber chip surfacing and expressed interest in polling other neighbors via Next Door to make the final determination.  A link to this poll for those interested in weighing-in on the surfacing options can be found here.  The attendees selected equipment manufacturer PlayWorld Systems to develop designs for both the 2-5 and 5-12 options to be voted on at the next meeting.  Opinions on color varied - so design concepts brought to the next meeting will feature an option with brown posts and lime railings as well as brown posts with lime railings!