Lucia Crest Park Playground Replacement - Contract: 2019 Playgrounds - Group 1

Last Updated: 10/08/2019

Work is complete on the playground replacement at Lucia Crest Park - the playground is open for play!

Lucia Crest Park playground 10-8-2019
Lucia Crest Park playground 10-8-2019

The significant rain events of the last weekend in September and first few days of October have slowed completion of the contract; but now that the site has had the chance to dry out, Contractor Madison Commercial Landscapes has completed the finish grading, seeding and matting of the project site and the orange construction fence will be removed on or before 10-9-2019.

Public Works Contract Information:

Parks issued the '2019 Playgrounds - Group 1' (8391) contract in late February for a 2-week period.
At the bid opening held 4/4/2019, the only bid received was determined to be "non-responsive" due to the omission of a bid bond item.  As such, the contract was rebid beginning 4/11/2019 and was opened/awarded 4/25/2019 to contractor Madison Commercial Landscapes, Inc..  Work on the contract started with Doncaster Park (the first of the 5 playground replacements under the contract) in June, and continues at William Slater Park and Segoe Park in addition to Lucia Crest.

Please check back to this site for updates on construction progress, including photographs when they become available.

Please contact Project Manager Kate Kane at (608) 261-9671 or if you would like to provide input on the project or have other questions.

Project Background:

Parks begins the planning process for playground replacements in advance of the finalization of the budget in order to receive public input and develop design documents for bidding in early 2019.  The first opportunity for input from the neighborhood on the design of the playground was at the Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop held on 10/18/2018; a follow-up meeting was held on 1/10/2019 to review the decisions made during the workshop session and review and vote on concepts prepared by the neighborhood's selected manufacturer (Playworld Systems received the most votes on the equipment boards at the workshop meeting). 
Materials from each of the sessions can be found in the links, below.

Lucia Crest Park Playground Meeting #2 - Equipment Vote Meeting
was held Thursday, January 10, 2019 - Midvale Elementary School library

At this meeting, attendees confirmed the earlier decisions of wood surfacing, 5-12 age range equipment and purple/lime green color scheme.  The overall preference for equipment went to Option #2, with the request to swap the Pipe Wall panel for a Storefront panel and the Sky Link for the Horizontal Hoop Ladder as shown in Option 1.  Also discussed were accessibility improvement ideas to provide a contiguous surface route of travel from the path end to the accessible swing.  If these modifications can be made within the available budget, they will be added to the project.  Parks has contacted Lee Recreation (vendor for Playworld Systems equipment) to determine changes in pricing as a result of the requests.  Updates will be posted to this site as information is made available.  Thanks to all who were able to attend the meeting to vote on the new playground concepts to be installed at the park in 2019!

UPDATE: Playworld confirmed that the Pipe Wall panel could be swapped for a Storefront panel without change to the overall equipment cost! Unfortunately, however, the Horizontal Hoop Ladder could not be attached to the 48" height deck of the Option #2 equipment, so the Sky Link overhead bars will be retained.  Updated images (described as Equipment Option 2.2) reflecting these changes are included, below:

2019 Playgrounds - Group 1 Workshop
was held Thursday, October 18 at 6PM - Sequoya Library (4340 Tokay Blvd)

At this session the replacement of the existing equipment, surfacing and benches were discussed during the break-out/table session with Parks staff.  Attendees at the session learned the all of the equipment (with the exception of the merry-go-round), surfacing and benches will be replaced with the project.  Attendees cast the majority vote for wood mulch surfacing and 5-12 age range equipment and PlayWorld Systems as the manufacturer to develop two proposals for the follow-up meeting in early 2019.  During the table session, the group also discussed that the new playground at Lucia Crest Park will be situated roughly over the existing footprint, but pulled back somewhat from the existing trees and retaining wall to allow for adequate equipment use zones.  An accessible path will be added connecting the playground to the existing sidewalk along N Owen Drive.