Elver Park Inclusive Playground: Contract - 2018 Elver Park Inclusive Playground

Last Updated: 11/19/2018

Elver Park playground is officially open as of 11.15.2018!

Elver 11.15.2018

Playground equipment in use at Elver Park on 11.15.2018
Photograph courtesy of Jen Vassam

Work was completed at the site earlier in the week of 11/13/2108 with the finish grading, seeding and matting of the disturbance area by Contractor Madison Commercial Landscapes. Sub-Contractor Bluemels Landscaping completed installation of the blue ribbon 'river' through the green surfacing the week of 11/5/2018.


The scope of work at the site included the installation of all new, inclusive playground equipment, poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing, concrete surround path and retaining wall, installation of 5 new benches and associated sitework including improvements to the park's asphalt walking path in that area.

If you have any questions about this project please contact Kate Kane, Project Manager, at (608) 261-9671 or kkane@cityofmadison.com.

The first meeting to discuss the playground replacement at Elver Park in 2018 was held on 1/18/18 at the Elver Park Neighborhood Center (1201 McKenna Blvd).  At the session, attendees worked to layout the new playground and associated amenities such as benches and trees as well as discussing other options for this area of the park including relocation of the basketball court and relocation or removal of the path in this area in light of the new sidewalk along McKenna Blvd.  The boards from this component of the discussion are shown, below.

Also at the first meeting, attendees reviewed and discussed proposals from four playground equipment manufacturers and placed sticker votes on their preferred option.  Boards from the session are shown, below.  These boards were posted at the Elver Park Neighborhood Center (1201 McKenna Blvd) so that those unable to attend the first session could view the proposals and add their vote!

A follow-up session was held with the neighborhood in conjunction with the Elver Park Neighborhood Center's Black History Month Celebration on 2/22.

Parks staff worked with Little Tykes Commercial, the playground equipment manufacturer selected by the attendees at the first meeting, to refine their proposal to further reflect comments and input received via email and telephone call.  The revised proposals were posted for review & vote in EPNC's hallway and Parks presented a draft layout of where the equipment would be placed at the park.  The materials from the second session, can be seen by following the links, below:

Board equipment votes_Elver Feb18
Questions or comments regarding this project can be sent to Kate Kane, project manager, at kkane@cityofmadison.com or (608) 261-9671.