Acer Park Master Plan

Last Updated: 05/11/2022


The City of Madison Parks Division is undertaking a master planning effort for three of our  far west undeveloped parks; they are Acacia Ridge, Acer, and Birchwood Point Parks. These undeveloped parcels need input from the surrounding (and rapidly growing) neighborhood regarding the specific amenities to be located in these parks and in the far west planning area as a whole. It is the intention of the Parks Division that the area's parks and amenities act as a cohesive system in order to maximize recreational potential.

Acacia Ridge is the largest, totaling 10.21 acres, and was acquired by the Parks Division in 2019. Acer Park was acquired at an earlier date, 2014, and measures 8.01 acres. The smallest parcel at 5.52 acres, Birchwood Point was acquired in 2018.

Parks staff will hold a public input meeting and issue an online survey to gather input from the community on the future of the parks. Once the Master Plans have been developed with input from the neighborhood, the plans will go to the Board of Park Commissioners for approval.

Public Meeting #1

June 23, 2022
Virtual Meeting- please register in advance.