The MobileNOW! mobile app is no longer in service due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) financial impacts.

"please note that the MobileNOW! smartphone application is no longer accessible for parking sessions to be purchased.  The MobileNOW! website remains online but only provides restricted features for a limited period of time, notably to allow customers access to view their historical data. We have posted information messages on our mobile application, website and client service call number and will in the near future send an information message to all clients whose email address we know."

MobileNow! has stated that they will be in contact with existing customers to credit accounts with pre-payments where active credit cards exist.  If you have pre-paid, but the card is no longer active for a payment credit, please reach out to MobileNow! directly.

  • Call the MobileNOW! Customer Support line at (866) 951-7275.

Forgot Password/PIN

You may request a new PIN by doing one of the following:

  • Call (212) 796-5624
  • Text "park pass" or "park pin" to 32075.
  • Email Please remember to include your cell phone number in the e-mail.

Note: A PIN is not required for starting a parking session, only for accessing your personal user account.