Metro will implement the following service changes on Sunday, August 22.

  • Route 10 - Route will be suspended.
  • Route 27 - Route will be suspended.
  • Route 28 - A new modified Route 28 will be implemented that will include service for Eken Park residents.
  • Route 38 - This weekday route will be restored with added mid-day service.
  • Routes 8121570 and 72 - These routes will be moved from State St. to W. Washington Ave.
  • Route 6/26 - Schedule adjustments have been made to these routes to facilitate a downtown transfer at the end of the day.
  • Route 81 - A bus stop has been shifted from Franklin St. to Blair St.
  • Various Bus Stop Changes have also been made.

Riders can plan their trips at or on Google Maps.

For more information, contact the Metro customer service center at (608) 266-4466 or

Complete information is available at:


  • Metro Customer Service, 608-266-4466

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