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Apps by Third-Parties

These apps are designed by third-party developers and are not designed, sold, or licensed by the City of Madison or Metro Transit.

Metro Transit does not assume responsibility or liability for the content of or the use of these applications. However, applications with known issues will be removed or not included on this page.

Not all web applications reflect detours around road construction and special events.

  • Google Maps App IconGoogle Maps
    Get bus directions real-time arrival information.
    Web Google Play iTunes
  • Moovit App IconMoovit
    Live directions with notifications and real-time arrival information.
    Web Google Play iTunes
  • Transit App IconTransit
    View routes and schedules, with real-time arrival information.
    Google Play iTunes
  • Wisconsin App IconWisconsin

    UW-Madison's official mobile app, with an array of options for Badgers on the go.
    Google Play iTunes

    Get live arrival times for campus routes (80, 81, 82, 84).
  • MAD Next Bus App IconMAD Next Bus
    Simple location-based application with bus arrival information for nearby stops.
  • SMSMyBus App IconSMSMyBus
    Text your stop number to SMSMyBus to get real-time arrival estimates.


Learn more about our data, or contact us if you have an app you would like us to review!

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