The Food Waste Reduction Taskforce is currently a seven-member group, comprised of four members of the Madison Food Policy Council (MFPC) and three members of the Dane County Food Council (DCFC): Chris Brockel (MFPC), Topf Wells (MFPC), Martin Bailkey (MFPC), Ian Aley (DCFC), Alison Ahlgrim (DCFC), and Bill Warner (DCFC).

The Mayor and Common Council directed the Madison Food Policy Council to lead a taskforce that would review city practices in the area of food waste and to identify potential partners and stakeholders that could join the city in the area of food waste reduction. Read the authorizing resolution.

The City of Madison is already active in practicing food waste reduction and operating programs that maximize the reuse and energy production of food waste.

The taskforce will review city investments, programs, and procedures relating to food waste. In addition, they will look at best practices from other cities and institutions in order to develop community-wide efforts aimed at waste reduction. A report from the taskforce is due to the Common Council by August 15, 2015.

For more information on the taskforce or how to get involved, call George Reistad (608) 266-4611.