After owners failed to comply with conditions of occupancy previously established, the City is again closing the office and restaurant building at 131 West Wilson Street. The building was closed in early September 2021 because of structural concerns. The City worked with the building owner to establish and install safety measures, and the building was reopened in October 2021. The building was closed again in December 2021, due to the failure of the owner to provide ongoing monitoring of the temporary shoring system. The building was reopened in January 2022 after required inspections and reports were completed.

City staff notified the building owner on May 25, 2022 that inspection and monitoring reports to certify the continued safety of the building were not being submitted. Building Inspection personnel have not received the required documentation regarding the ongoing monitoring, and as such the building is again being vacated. Given the inspection reports provided to the City up to this point, staff do not believe the building is at risk of imminent collapse.

A request from the owner to demolish the building is tentatively scheduled to be heard at the June 27, 2022 City of Madison Plan Commission meeting.

A copy of the most recent letter to the building’s owner is attached.