Learning and Development for Supervisors

Courses and Events

Supervisor Orientation

This virtual workshop is for all new (and newly promoted) supervisors. It also makes a great refresher.

City of Madison Supervisor Network

A community for supervisors, by supervisors.

Management Skills Webinars

Develop and grow supervisory and management skills.

Upcoming Courses for Supervisors and Managers

A filtered list of upcoming courses for supervisors and managers.

Values-Based Leadership

Develop and grow your leadership skills.

Other Learning and Development Resources

  • Performance Excellence
    Performance Excellence provides tools to think strategically and align our work to our City's vision.
  • Toolkits
    Tools and services you may need for your daily work. Includes resources for Budget, Contracts & Purchasing, Customer Service, Marketing, Technology, and Travel & Cars.

Learning and Development for Your Staff

Though employees are responsible for their own development, supervisors have a dramatic impact. You approve requests, suggest opportunities, arrange for coverage, and track learning and development. You can also nurture a supportive environment for on-the-job learning.

Resources for Staff Learning and Development

  • Upcoming Courses
    Bookmark this page and check it often—new offerings are added regularly.
  • New Employee Onboarding
    Help new hires understand their role and expectations and make connections. Make a plan for their learning and development.
  • Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
    A workbook for employees to reflect, plan, and discuss their professional goals. Your staff might bring their plan to you and ask for feedback and guidance.

Training Policies and Procedures

APM 2-10 outlines the official policies, practices and administrative procedures that relate to training and development activities for employees of the City of Madison.

View APM 2-10: Policies and Procedures for Internal and External Training for more information.