These courses are open to all employees who want to build management skills. Whether you're a new supervisor, an experienced manager, or someone hoping to move up into a management role, these courses can support your goals.

Each webinar is a standalone course, and new topics are added regularly. Instructors include both internal subject matter experts and external facilitators.

Human or Interpersonal Skills Webinars

You're Promoted! How to Engage, Serve, and Invest in your New Team

Learn strategies to transition into management and discuss common roadblocks for new managers.

Building Inclusive and Effective Teams

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts! In this two-part series, we'll decode the dynamics of high-performing teams.

Conflict Management

Explore ways in which we all may engage in conflict and strategies to help us successfully navigate tensions in the workplace.

Taking a Closer Look at Trauma-Informed Supervision

Learn strategies for being a trauma-informed supervisor and supporting a compassionate and psychologically safe work environment.

Planning and Decision-making Skills Webinars

Maximize Your Work Planning

Learn how work planning affects productivity and wellness and how to use the City’s template.

Involving People in Decisions that Impact Them

Inclusive leaders make decisions with, not for, those who are impacted. Learn the basics of stakeholder mapping and group decision-making.

Communication Skills Webinars

How to Run Inclusive and Effective Meetings

Learn practical tools to plan and run better meetings.

Remote but Not Removed: Building Strong and Unified Teams

Strategies for supervising staff is in a different physical location from you, whether they're teleworking or at a jobsite.

Hiring Skills Webinars

Creating an Equitable Interview Process

Learn about bias in hiring, common interview errors, and how to develop job-related behavioral questions with benchmarks.

What makes a course a Management Skills Webinar?

The courses in this series are mostly focused on learning and developing skills, not teaching processes. What’s the difference, you may ask? A process is a series of steps and events that produces a result--you either follow it correctly or you don't. A skill is a learned capacity to do something well, and it can continually grow.

“Hard” skills are technical knowledge and abilities, while “soft” skills are the people side of work. Though everyone needs both, as you move up a career ladder from individual contributor to supervisor to mid-level, senior and executive management the soft skills get more and more important.

You don't need to be a supervisor to learn about and practice your management skills. Management skills are also something we can continue to grow even after many years in a supervisory role.

If interest and enrollment is high in this series, we’ll continue to add sessions and topics!