Our HR Mission

Moving our Madison forward by hiring, developing, and sustaining a diverse and engaged workforce.

Our HR Strategic Priorities

To fulfill its mission, Human Resources will incorporate the principles of racial equity and social justice to:

  • Provide an equitable and innovative system for attracting and hiring City employees.
  • Develop and deliver an effective onboarding, classification, compensation and performance management system.
  • Build capacity for inclusion, innovation and continuous improvement, and support City-wide change by providing access to learning and leadership development opportunities.
  • Foster valuable partnerships with City agencies, elected officials, employees, employee associations, labor unions, and the community.
  • Support employees by providing resources for workplace accommodations, retirement, leave, benefits, wellness and a healthy workplace culture.
  • Effectively frame and evaluate decisions and priorities by using qualitative and quantitative data and racial equity principles and practices.

Our HR Structure

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Our HR Goals

Human Resources Administration

Long Term Strategic Objectives:

  • Employee Data Governance Policies and Practices that ensure employee privacy is ensured, compliance with legal requirements , and efficiency is maximized.
  • Manage the Human Resources Budget in a way that balances employee and organizational needs and necessary services with sustainability and effective stewardship of City resources.
  • Support the Human resources function through information and data gathering, records collection and management, resource identification, budget management, and consultation with senior staff across the City.
  • Provide departmental staff with direction and vision for the future role of Human Resources, and its staff, within the City management structure.

Human Resources Services

What We Do: Manage recruitment, classification and compensation, and position studies, and provides strategic HR support and training for agencies and employees.

Long Term Strategic Goals:

  • Partner with diverse community groups throughout Madison and the surrounding area to attract a diverse workforce which reflects the community.
  • Actively participate on all agency management teams and provide support, coaching, and consultation on HR-related issues to supervisors and managers.
  • Recruit a diverse pool of well qualified candidates for each agency hiring process.
  • Develop and oversee an equitable, flexible, and innovative civil service system, which includes recruitment, classification, and compensation.
  • Support successful implementation of the agency’s Equitable Workforce Plan.
  • Model and promote a culture of wellness and inclusion throughout the City.

Employee and Labor Relations

What We Do: Coordinate benefits, labor relations, leave, and occupational accommodations. Provides assistance to managers, supervisors, and employees related to supervision, performance management and conflict resolution.

Long Term Strategic Goals:

  • Provide innovative, sustainable, and attractive employee benefits that attract and retain high quality employees.

  • Implement leave benefits and occupational accommodations in a manner that is both legally compliant and geared toward ensuring employee and organizational wellbeing.
  • Partner with Labor Unions, Employee Associations, and other employee groups to ensure policies and practices are fair, equitable, and maximize employee wellbeing.
  • Partner with agency leaders to manage performance in a manner that is trauma informed, and creates an organization that is welcoming and inclusive for all employees.
  • Reinforce the use of organizational management strategies that are employee centered, empathetic, and equitable, while balancing operational needs.

Organizational Development

What We Do: Support employees and agencies by providing Organizational Leadership, and Learning+ Development opportunities, Performance Excellence, and Organizational Development support.

Long Term Strategic Goals:

  • Develop and deliver a learning and development framework, policy, and standards to ensure high quality, effective, and innovative employee development opportunities.

  • Develop and deliver a series of annual courses that consistently move the organization closer to long term objectives through individual and organizational competency building.
  • Provide tools for a learning culture for leaders & accelerate the creation of strategic leadership networks across departments.
  • Develop leaders at each level through differentiated, practical development that is responsive to the intersection of people’s identities, specifically race, gender, sexuality, and disability.
  • Provide a framework and resources to reinforce best organizational practices in change management, continuous improvement, strategic planning, and Performance Excellence.
  • Provide Human Resources and agency support to provide an exceptional employee experience.
  • Consistently enhance organizational effectiveness through agency and workgroup assessment and consultation.