Since 2019 City Engineering has offered the Greenway Restoration Internship Program.  Interns in this summer program perform restoration field work on the City’s stormwater land, including ponds, greenways and rain gardens. 

Interns work under the direction of Engineering’s Greenway Vegetation Coordinator to foster native plant diversity and control invasive species on stormwater land.  Interns also work on landscaping in select planted medians, and in terrace rain gardens. Interns seed collecting

Duties, Responsibilities

  • Remove invasive plants by manual, mechanical or chemical means including digging, hand pulling, power brush cutting, foliar spraying, cut-stump treatments and others.
  • Identify and inventory common plant and animal species, especially highly problematic invasive species.
  • Plant and care for desirable plants including plugs, seedlings or seeds.
  • Collect native seeds for use on greenways and ponds under the guidance of the Greenway Vegetation Coordinator.
  • Make informed decisions about restoration approaches on ponds and greenways under the guidance of the Greenway Vegetation Coordinator.
  • Survey medians for invasive species, safety/vision hazards, aesthetics and plant health. Remove undesirable vegetation as necessary.
  • Work with and provide guidance to Operation Fresh Start (OFS) youth crew members under supervision of the OFS crew leader and/or Greenway Vegetation Coordinator.
  • Provide guidance to volunteers in the field.

Intern Dan Seed CollectingMinimum Qualifications

  • Currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate Degree program in Restoration Ecology, Landscape Architecture, Conservation, Forestry, Wildlife Ecology, Horticulture, Environmental Studies, Biology, or other related field.
  • Three (3) or more months experience working in the field in a restoration ecology position including working with native plants, invasive plants and using a variety of restoration techniques.
  • Possession of the Wisconsin Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s License-6.0 Right-of-Way and Natural Areas.

Special Requirements

  • Possession of a valid driver’s license.
  • Possession of a Wisconsin Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s License in Right-of-Way/Natural areas (required by beginning of employment; not possessing the license at the time of application will not disqualify a candidate)

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds frequently and walk on uneven terrain.
  • Must be able to perform sustained physical activity under a variety of conditions including heat, humidity, sun, rain, etc. Intern Emily in the field
  • Must be able to withstand working around a variety of plants for sustained periods of time.
  • The internship runs from mid-May to early August and is a full-time, 40 hour a week seasonal post.  The application typically opens in late February. When it is available, it will be posted on the City's job portal.