As stormwater storage needs change or ponds and greenways erode, fill in or become overgrown, they may require reconstruction to ensure continued functionality. The City is conducting Watershed Studies that define where additional conveyance or storage capacity it needed to achieve flood mitigation goals, and engineers perform routine inspections of ponds and greenways to see if they are rapidly eroding.

Jacobson Furey Pond Reconstruction
Jacobson Furey Pond Reconstruction

Reconstructions are important to improve water quality, and make the storm sewer system more flood resilient.

When the City reconstructs a pond or greenway, the neighboring residents will be informed as part of the public information process. Often times, existing trees need to be removed in order to stabilize banks, modify the storage or flow capacity and create a maintenance access road. Installing maintenance access roads is standard procedure to ensure City staff and equipment can access the pond or greenway to perform preventative maintenance.

Learn more about the overall reconstruction process in our Streets and Paths section of the Engineering Division website.

Please visit our Ecological Restoration in Stormwater Ponds and Greenways Storymap for a brief overview in the history, objectives, management strategies and renewed approach to improve ecological biodiversity through our pond and greenway reconstruction process.