The mission of the Stormwater Utility Section is to manage stormwater services (drainage and water quality) to the public, while maintaining an equitable rate structure.

The Stormwater Utility Section designs, reviews, constructs and maintains the City of Madison storm sewer system, which includes approximately 275 miles of pipe and open channel systems used for flood control and runoff water quality improvement. Specific parts of the system include:

Storm Sewer

  • Pipes, drains, greenways and inlets for stormwater collection
  • Ponds, rain gardens, greenways, and catch basins for water quality improvement
  • Flood control/modeling (View our Watershed Study Flood Risk Map)
  • Maintenance of existing storm sewer system
  • Permitting, construction of ponds, greenways, shorelines and rain gardens
  • Street sweeping
  • Leaf collection and performance of leaf studies
  • Erosion control permitting
  • Neighborhood planning process, pertaining to stormwater and water quality
  • Private development review pertaining to stormwater water quality
  • Design of both new and replacement storm sewer infrastructure
  • Provides guidance on rain garden construction through Roger Bannerman Rain Garden Program
  • Leads City and County effort to reduce salt use

Stormwater Fast Facts

  • 529 miles of storm water pipe
  • 26,797 storm water utility owned storm water inlets
  • 634 rain gardens
  • 649 planted medians
  • 236 ponds
  • 3 completed public streets with pervious pavement, and sidewalk (two (2) streets planned for 2022)
  • 1500 linear feet of pervious sidewalk
  • Acres of land under control of the storm water utility.
    • Total = 1784 Acres
    • Managed as prairie = 212 Acres