Last Updated: 05/29/2020

Project Description

This watershed study is NOT in progress. In the coming years, the City of Madison will complete a watershed study in the Starkweather Creek watershed (as shown below). The watershed study will identify causes of existing by using a computer model to assist with the evaluations.

Starkweather Creek watershed extends from the airport to Olbrich Park and as far east as Reiner Road.
The Starkweather Creek watershed drains to Lake Monona near Olbrich Park.

Currently, the City doesn’t know when the study will begin, but, knowing the study is one of the next priorities, the City installed monitoring equipment within the watershed to collect data that can be used once the study begins.

Rain Gauge measures the rainfall at Eken Park
Rain Gauge measures the rainfall at Eken Park.
Level logger measures the level of the water in Starkweather Creek when it rains.
Level logger measures the level of the water in Starkweather Creek when it rains near Union St.

For more information about why the City is completing watershed studies, please see the Flash Flooding Story Map.



While the City does not have a start date for this study, once underway, it is expected to take over 18 months. During this time, the City will look at the watershed as a whole to make sure solving a flooding problem upstream won’t push more water downstream and cause more flooding.

Watershed Study Information

To learn more about flash flooding and why the City plans to complete a watershed study in this area please visit: Flash Flooding Resilience Story Map

Listen to a presentation about the City's watershed studies at: Watershed Studies 2019 Audio Presentation

Report Flooding

If anyone has experienced flooding, and is willing to share with the City, please report it on the City's Report Flooding Portal. Even if a homeowner reported flooding to 2-1-1, FEMA, or a City official, the City needs standardized information to create stormwater models that show existing flooding conditions. The flood data helps the City prioritize different flood projects and future watershed studies.

Additional Information