Last Updated: 03/02/2021

Project Update:  March 04, 2021

Added Project History below.

Project Status update as of March 01, 2021

The design contract has been routed and signed. Continuum Architects + Planners will begin with Stage 1-Master Planning of City offices on floors 1, 4, and 5 with an initial kickoff meeting in mid-March. This will be followed by several on site meetings to look at individual office spaces to understand work flow and review existing building conditions within each space. During the Master Planning Stage we will be looking several potential options for best fit and adjusting adjacencies of these departments which will set the foundation for future design phases.

CCB (City County Building) Floors 1, 4 & 5 Pre-Design Study

August 2020: Under the new proposed budget the previous project of the CCB 4th and 5th floor remodel of city offices has been revised and re-prioritized to include city offices on the first floor as well. A new Request for Proposal (RFP) has been released for Architectural Design Services. The first phase of the project will be Master Planning and the Preliminary Design Phases for all three floors. This will then be followed up with a complete design of just the first floor and first floor construction. The next floor design will start while the previous floors construction is in progress. RFP responses and proposals are due in mid-September and we hope to have contracts signed and be under way around the holidays.

Project History

Feb. 04, 2021 File #63502
Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a contract for Purchase of Services (Architect) with Continuum Architects + Planners to provide professional architectural and engineering consultant design services CCB Remodeling of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Floors