Last Updated: 07/14/2021

Latest Update

6/21/2021 Update:
This project is on hold indefinitely until real estate conflicts are resolved.

Project Overview

This project is a key segment of a paved multi-use (bicycle / pedestrian) path that is planned to extend the Capital City Trail from Buckeye Road to east of Interstate 39/90 on the southeast side of Madison, generally following the corridor of the Union Pacific rail line. This is part of the remaining 6-mile “missing link” between the Capital City Path and the Glacial Drumlin State Trail in the village of Cottage Grove. When complete it will become part of a continuous 140-mile path across the State. Completion of this gap is the goal of a 1996 Memorandum of Agreement between the City of Madison, City of Fitchburg, Dane County and the Wisconsin Department of natural Resources.

Segment 4 of this project (Vondron Road to Wagon Trail) has been postponed and will be part of a future project once the City is able to negotiate the necessary land acquisitions from adjacent properties.

The Segment 5-6 project will construct the path from Wagon Trail to just east of I-39/90. It will include an at-grade crossing of the railroad at Wagon Trail and a path under the Interstate using the existing railroad bridge underpass. It will generally consist of a 10-foot wide asphalt paved path with 2-foot wide grass shoulders along the south side of the rail corridor. Retaining walls, concrete pavement and railings will be required under the Interstate, where the path will be located between the south bridge piers and the south abutment.

The City has acquired a 35-foot wide corridor for the path by easement from the adjacent WisDOT-owned World Dairy Wetland Mitigation site.

The overall project is envisioned as a multi-phase effort that would initially use a combination of separate path and on-street route north of the railroad corridor. Ultimately additional land would be acquired either from the railroad or from properties south of the railroad to complete a separate, off-street path.

Segments 5-6 (to east of the Interstate) total 1250 feet, including the underpass.
View the map of the Capital City Trail, Buckeye to I-39. And the more detailed [map of Segment 4-6].

Project Schedule

Construction is currently planned for 2020 for Segments 5-6 but this schedule may be affected by the County project to the east and the Interstate corridor expansion project..

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates and times are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings

A public information meeting was held on Dec. 10, 2015. City staff shared about the proposed project and the public gave feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could the Segment4-6 path be located on the north side of the tracks?

A: This was considered, but would have significant impacts on a number of residential properties, wooded conservation areas and a storm water management area. It also needs to be on the south side to connect with the planned continuation of the path to the Glacial Drumlin Path.

Q: Will the project include fencing to protect privacy or security of adjacent properties.
A: City does not generally construct fence along its paths and would do so only in very limited and unusual circumstances. Consideration will be given to replacing or compensating for the existing security fence at Terra Construction, as part of real estate negotiations. Our considerable experience with paths in similar locations is that they actually reduce illegal and undesirable behavior as legitimate path users and visibility are deterrents.

Q: Will there be lighting along the path?
A: Yes, the City plans to install well-directed lighting for this major, transportation-oriented path, with efficient LED fixtures on 20- to 25’ high poles.

Q: Is a connecting path to the Glacial Drumlin Trail planned as part of this project?
A: Yes, this is the long-term goal of this project. Dane County Parks as lead agency is working with WDNR to construct the path east of the Interstate to the village of Cottage Grove where it will connect to the existing Glacial Drumlin State Trail.  The City is working closely with Dane county to coordinate our projects with theirs, particularly in the vicinity of the Interstate crossing. However, questions about the design, status and schedule for the work east of the Interstate should be directed to Dane County Parks.