Site Plan Approval Submittals

Private development requiring site plan approval shall submit digital CAD files prior to city issuance of building permits. The digital file submitted to the Engineering Division is required to be submitted in the City of Madison CAD Site Plan Template below.  The CAD Site Plan Template is only for digital CAD file submission and not for developing any other drawings or plans required for City of Madison review, applications, permits, etc. The digital CAD file shall represent final construction.

Note: A digital validation tool will reject all submittals that are not in the CAD template and meet the Layer Definition and Requirements.


  • Example Site Plans for Reference
  • The City of Madison road right of way lines have been provided in Dane County Coordinates in the CAD template for assistance in providing this data in Dane County coordinates.  View the City of Madison database.
  • Existing City of Madison Impervious Surface CAD data. This data includes all existing impervious surface linework and can be used as a reference (xref) to help update your drawing in the new CAD template.

Developer’s Agreements for Subdivisions

Public improvements undertaken by a developer as part of an authorized private contract shall submit digital CAD and XML files as part of a condition of the private contract.
The Developer shall submit a LANDXML file as part of both the pond and greenway as-builts, and the master stormwater drainage plan.    

  • City of Madison CAD Developer Agreement Template – Coming Soon