2018 Budget

The 2018 budget was finalized by the Common Council Nov. 13 – Nov. 14, 2017.

Capital Budget

$334.5 Million

The capital budget provides funding for the City’s major construction projects including building new facilities, improving our transit system, maintaining our roads and parks, and purchasing major equipment. The Capital Improvement Plan lays out anticipated projects for the next five years.

Developing the 2018 Capital Budget

Mapping the Capital Improvement Plan

Explore a map the 2018 Capital Improvement Plan to see what City investments are planned in Madison for 2018 – 2023.

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Operating Budget

$568.4 Million

The operating budget provides money for running City departments and services. It pays for the day-to-day spending on employees and materials and supplies.

Developing the 2018 Operating Budget

General Fund

314.8 Million

The General Fund is the City’s largest fund for operations and supports the majority of services provided by the City. It is primarily supported by property taxes paid by Madison home owners and businesses. Policy-makers have the most management flexibility over how dollars are spent.

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Other Funds

$253.6 Million

These funds are restricted for a specific purpose and generally support specific services through user charges or grants. Metro Transit, CDA Housing Operations, and Public Health all receive a City subsidy to support operations. Funds in this report include: the City’s Utility funds (Landfill, Parking, Sewer, Stormwater, Transit, and Water), Internal Service Funds (Fleet, Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation), Community Development Authority, Monona Terrace and Room Tax, and Public Health.

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